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Teaching a Course

Students in Danish higher education are expected to work independently and exercise their own initiative. As well as attending traditional lectures, they study in small groups where they are expected to contribute actively. Part of their studies consists of independent project and research work. All programmes include the preparation of a major project report or a thesis.

Attending teaching at the universities is not compulsory. The activity of students during term is usually not assessed, which may influence attendance and activity as far as the general courses and lectures are concerned. However, new kinds of assessments like portfolio and grading based on regular, active and satisfactory participation may gradually change this.

The teacher is expected to facilitate student evaluations. This usually takes place midway and upon completion of the course. The format of an evaluation may vary, depending on the approach taken by the individual department. It can be a student questionnaire, a class discussion with the teacher  or a combined approach. The head of studies or the department’s administrative staff can give you more information about local requirements and formats.

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