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Oral Examinations

As oral examinations may be different or even completely unknown to students and lecturers who are not used to the Danish education system, you may want to see some examples of an oral exam. In the following three videos, you will see the student, the examiner and the external examiner three times. It is the same exam as such, but the student performs at three very different levels: In the first one, the student performance is inadequate and the mark is 00 (double zero); in the second, the student performs well, but not more than that and gets a 7; and in the third, the performance is excellent, and she is given a 12.

  1. Low student performance
  2. Medium student performance
  3. High student performance

Note that all three exams are timed so that everything is done within the 20-minute framework.

You can see the exam question here.

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