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Local Management

In Denmark, a study programme is the responsibility of a study board (in Danish: studienævn). The overall purpose of the study board is to safeguard student and faculty influence and to ensure the organization, realization and development of the study programme and teaching. A study board comprises equal numbers of faculty and students. At some faculties there is one study board per programme; at other faculties, a study board may be responsible for several programmes. It is the dean or the rector who decides on the actual number of study boards. According to the Danish University Act, the main tasks of the study board are to:

  • ensure and develop the quality of the study programme and the teaching, and to follow up on evaluations of the programme and teaching.
  • produce proposals for programme regulations (curricula) and changes thereto.
  • approve the organisation of teaching and exams.
  • process applications concerning credit transfers, including credits transferred in advance and exemptions.
  • make statements on all matters of importance to the study programmes and teaching within the area and discuss issues related to the study programme and the teaching.

The study board recommends a head of studies/director of studies (in Danish: studieleder) to the dean. The head of studies undertakes the practical organization of teaching as well as tests and other assessment forming part of the exams. Among other things s/he deals with questions regarding teaching methods and curriculum and has the overall responsibility for the planning of courses, evaluations and exams. The department’s administrative staff takes care of more practical matters such as teaching schedules, examination dates, etc.

The head of department (in Danish: institutleder) undertakes the day-to-day management of the department and is responsible for the staff. S/he has the overall responsibility for the quality of research and teaching undertaken at the department. Usually, it is the head of department who allocates teaching assignments.

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